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Celebrating #TransitThursday with #Haikus! 3/22/12 (Click Here for the Storify!)

23 Mar


For this week’s #TransitThursday we expressed our love for transit through poetry; haikus specifically (5 syllables, 7 syllables, 5 syllables). Here are a few of the awesome haikus we shared:

@mamakoid: Headed to airport? SPRINTER hybrid bus takes you. Be green ride transit! #TransitThursday #Haiku #Charlotte #CLT #SPRINTER

(Photo Credit: James Willamor, Willamor Media @jameswillamor)

@MADMIKEA: #TransitThursday There I sit waiting the blue line comes on time yea Here I sit happy@mamakoid: To show transit love #TransitThursday haikus rule. You can write one too! #TransitThursday #haiku@mamakoid: This #TransitThursday #haiku is especially for @CCTgirl “Summer coming up, Atlanta TIA vote, fund transportation!”@mamakoid: #Haiku: @CCTgirl rocks! Fast track forward is her site. Go give her a like —> http://facebook.com/FastTrackForward #TIA #TransitThursday@mamakoid: #TransitThursday Haiku (thx @FTA_DOT for info): Gas prices soaring, transit ridership growing, one third in Longview—> bit.ly/GJig4h@mamakoid via @marcolangzi: #TransitThursday #haiku: Marco loves to tweet – hates distracted driving fines – so he rides transit!@JeffHaws: ‘Burbanites like cars. Crimuhnuhl Eluhmuhnt scares. #MARTA for the win.@bus15237: Always paying cash / Folks don’t budget money well / Don’t buy monthly pass #transithaiku #TransitThursday@CCTgirl: One cent for more is | one cent worth paying when you | love metro ‘lanta. #TIA2012 #TransitThursday #Haiku #Atlanta@listener42: #TransitThursday MARTA doesn’t go | to Cobb county so I’m stuck | in traffic daily.@listener42: #TransitThursday Google Maps says to | get off the bus and take a | cab to reach my house.@listener42: #TransitThursday Getting downtown takes | 80 minutes with MARTA | 35 by car.@listener42: #TransitThursday The HOV lane | doesn’t extend far enough | into Cobb county.@listener42: #TransitThursday CCT buses | don’t have routes near my house in | Northeast Cobb. Why not?@NashvilleMPO: Wish you had more time / to read Twitter and Facebook? / Ride commuter rail! #TransitThursday #haiku@mamakoid: #TransitThursday #Haiku: Transit helps me go / to places I want to be / saving gas and cash!@bus15237: North Shore Connector / Pittsburgh’s three new subway stops / Opens on Sunday! #transithaiku #transitThursday@mamakoid: MT @JamesWillamor: #TransitThursday #Panthers fans love LYNX/ win or loss they ride with pride/ light rail is a glide

(Photo Credit: James Willamor, Willamor Media @jameswillamor )

@mamakoid: #TransitThursday #Haiku: Off to the doctor / CATS Route Twenty takes me there / Transit is so nice! (@ CATS Route #20) 4sq.com/GHPlgE@ericorozco: #TransitThursday #Haiku: Transit needs freedom / Frequency and linkage / Read Human Transit. 🙂@ajfroggie: Normal bike commute | Put on hold so I can ride | Transit on Thursday. #TransitThursday #TransoHaiku @CCTgirl @mamakoid @marctomik@transited_:#TransitThursday #Haiku: Get into shape now! | Sign up for #Bikeshare today | Ride to better health – inspired by all the bikeshare news 🙂@mamakoid: #TransitThursday #Haiku: Done with the doctor / CATS Nineteen I ride to town / No driving for me! 🙂 (@ CATS 19) 4sq.com/GNNczz@briandavispdx: Oooh I wanna play! #TransitThursday #Haiku: There’s the streetcar bell / Fifteen minutes since the last / That’s how I tell timeNot a haiku, but pretty awesome news! Toronto #TransitThursday love!

@UrbanPolicyPlnr: #TransitThursday #TOCouncil finally decided common sense was best. 24-19 vote in favour of building Sheppard LRT. Time to build. #topoli@jamesreynolds: I know I’m late for #TransitThursday , but exciting news in Toronto bit.ly/GH0SSK LRT ftw!

Also, a huge shout out to @NYPublicTransit for spreading the #TransitThursday love in this week’s edition of Tuesday Transit News! Y’all ROCK!

Hi @mamakoid! We featured your blog and #TransitThursday in this week’s edition of Tuesday Transit News bit.ly/GNQusa


It’s Thursday! You know what that means… it’s time for #TransitThursday

22 Mar

This week, at the request of @CCTgirl, we are showing our love for transit in the form of a haiku. If you don’t know what a haiku is, click here for the wiki definition. Basically, it’s a short poem using the form of 5-7-5 syllables.

James Willamor’s photos of the SPRINTER hybrid bus (CATS’ limited stop service to the Charlotte Douglas Airport) inspired me to write my first haiku:

@mamakoid: Headed to airport? SPRINTER hybrid bus takes you. Be green ride transit!

Sprinter enhanced bus service

Photo Source: James Willamor @jameswillamor @willamormedia

So join the #TransitThursday fun and share your haiku on twitter now! Don’t forget to use the hashtag #TransitThursday