#TransitThursday 3/29/12 (Click Here for Storify)

29 Mar

For this week’s #TransitThursday, @CCTgirl asked us what we like to do while we are waiting for the bus or train.

Here’s what you said you enjoy doing while you wait:

  • Reading books/e-books, magazines, electronic papers
  • Knitting
  • Tweeting
  • Facebooking
  • Emailing
  • Preparing for the day
  • Thinking
  • Relaxing
  • People-watching
  • Taking in the streetscape
  • Snarking on fashion choices
  • Staring
  • Using our smartphones/iPads
  • Enjoy live music
  • Photographing
  • Talking to other people waiting
  • Informing people about transit related issues
  • Catch up on fav podcasts
  • Telling people about how we want to hit the lotto big / having conversations with strangers
  • Sleeping!

How other people wait for transit (courtesy of youtube & vimeo) 

What do you like to do while you’re waiting for the bus? This guy likes to dance… #TransitThursday

Ahmet Ogut ‘Waiting for a Bus’

Inspiration for #TransitThursday from the Violent Femmes. What do you do while you’re waiting on the bus?

Doesn’t everyone like to paddle ball while waiting for the bus? This person does!! #TransitThursday

Other ways we showed the #TransitThursday love today:

  • We rode transit for our commute
  • We rode transit to meetings
  • We rode transit to conduct field work
  • We shared our favorite transit photos (Portland bike & ride, Charlotte Transit system in 1985 & 1982, live music in the NYC subway)
  • We shared our hopes for our city’s transportation future
  • We learned about #TransitThursday and helped to spread the love!
  • We shared good transit reads
  • We shared haikus
  • We shared videos about waiting for the bus/train
  • We shared music about waiting for the bus/train
  • We shared awesome fun facts about transit!


Fun facts about transit courtesy of @MartinGsq:

  • Fuel prices are at a record high and still rising due to volatile oil prices. Public transport offers mega cost savings! #TransitThursday
  • Traffic fumes are a major source of pollution. Modern buses use biodiesel, CNG or hybrid drive to reduce emissions. #TransitThursday Research shows that 30 mins brisk walking per day brings a range of health benefits. Walking to/from bus stops counts too! #TransitThursday
  • Reading helps cognitive function, concentration, sleep quality and reduces stress. Travel time doesn’t have to be downtime! #TransitThursday
  • Taking public transport saves money on fuel, reduces CO2 emissions, combats congestion and helps your health!


Photos We Shared (Courtesy of @smedette @jameswillamor @ChrisMillerWBT):

@smedette Bike parking at one of PDX’s transit centers: Bike & Ride & bike parking #TransitThursday

@JamesWillamor What do I like to do while waiting for #transit? Enjoy the live music! #TransitThursday

@ChrisMillerWBT What #clt’s bus system looked like in November 1985: #transitthursday

@mamakoid And what it looked like in 1982 🙂 @ChrisMillerWBT @JustinHaugens #TransitThursday





#TransitThursday News: RT @lloydbrown: RT @hilltransport: White House signals it will accept 90-day highway extension

#TransitThursday News: RT @lloydbrown: Whew! The Senate just approved the House extension by unanimous consent.

#TransitThursday News: RT @klaingthehill: Senate approves 90-day highway extension; sending measure to President Obama



@DonDoesIt Happy #TransitThursday! Exciting news: #AnnArbor & #DTW now have #pubtrans connectivity! #transit


Thanks to everyone who participated in this week’s #TransitThursday!

I hope you’ve discovered new ways to spend your time waiting for your bus, train or ferry! The important message from this week’s celebration of transit is to recognize just how much time transit gives you back in your day; enjoy it!



CATCH UP ON PAST #TransitThursday topics or suggest a new one! Remember, it’s every Thursday and it’s all about celebrating transit!


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