What I learned from TEDxCharlotte

17 Oct

Take something & expand it into the community #tedxcltmamakoidOctober 15, 2011RT @TEDxCharlotte: Did you know that other families can do the @TwelveInTwelve!? Their blog tells more: http://t.co/EwA7SRwM #tedxclttrishrohrOctober 15, 2011Max Wallace On smart phones: our desire to learn & be correct is greater than our desire to actually know info ourselves. #tedxcltmamakoidOctober 15, 2011Give your heart a little gratitude #tedxcltmamakoidOctober 15, 2011In my dreams I fly.. It feels great! Dream or reality: if I can dream it, it can be manifested. #tedxcltmamakoidOctober 15, 2011What is your dream? What is your drive? What is your drum? #tedxcltmamakoidOctober 15, 2011Blast off!! http://ow.ly/i/jeP1 #tedxcltmamakoidOctober 15, 2011@QueensDiana adorning the TEDx logo. @TEDxCharlotte reminds me 2 dream big &shoot for the stars! http://ow.ly/i/jf3L #tedxcltmamakoidOctober 15, 2011Taking risk: hearing the voice that wouldn’t be otherwise heard! #tedxcltmamakoidOctober 15, 2011If you’ve got a dream, follow it! Dolph Ramseur #tedxcltmamakoidOctober 15, 2011“I started a record label as a way of me making a mix-tape for the world” -Dolph Ramseur #tedxcltmamakoidOctober 15, 2011Sometimes there’s power in the small! -Dolph Ramseur #tedxcltmamakoidOctober 15, 2011If you aren’t taking risks, you aren’t trying – Rebeka Fergusson #tedxcltmamakoidOctober 15, 2011Look at the value of thing that tie us together, instead of seeing the things that tear us apart -Rebeka Fergusson #tedxcltmamakoidOctober 15, 2011Charla Muller, author; sharing 2 of the worst experiences of her life – involving Barbara Walters & Oprah #tedxcltmamakoidOctober 15, 2011RT @TEDxCharlotte: Making dreams and taking risks is an incredibly inexact science…pursuing dreams is not for wimps @charlamuller #tedxcltquotamaneOctober 15, 2011Pursuing dreams us not for whimps! #tedxcltmamakoidOctober 15, 2011NC Dance Theatre performing some interpretive dance with music & spoken word #tedxclt http://ow.ly/i/jft3mamakoidOctober 15, 2011The ideas @TEDxCharlotte are truly worth spreading! #tedxcltmamakoidOctober 15, 2011We are a kindergarten teacher’s worst nightmare! We were the ones in elementary school who were staring out the window & dreaming! #tedxcltmamakoidOctober 15, 2011@silentimages founder David Johnson: taking a leap is scary, but it is a scarier decision to stay where you are because it’s safe. #tedxcltiftheshoefitsOctober 15, 2011Prosperity can blind us to that which is significant; what really matters -David Johnson #tedxcltmamakoidOctober 15, 2011What’s your story? – @silentimages David Johnson #tedxcltmamakoidOctober 15, 2011#tedxclt it’s embarrassing what the American press chooses to cover – celebrity culture on major news networks(*paraphrasing)sarahadaOctober 15, 2011RT @TEDxCharlotte: RT @jamcarthur: Cameras should be used not to steal dignity, but to tell stories – @silent images #TEDxCLToh_bernadetteOctober 15, 2011RT @TEDxCharlotte: You can find joy out of any terrible situation. We can bring this into our own lives. @silentimages #tedxcltsamybergOctober 15, 2011Who are the fine paint brushes in the community who really make our community portrait beautiful? Silent heroes #tedxcltmamakoidOctober 15, 2011Heroism is inspiring! #tedxcltmamakoidOctober 15, 2011RT @TEDxCharlotte: Celebrate the heros that make our community awesome. #tedxclt @silentimagesKevinNCOctober 15, 2011Follow mysilenthero.org #tedxclt #cltsarahadaOctober 15, 2011RT @mkempcharlotte: Today at #TEDxCLT speakers have taken us to India, Africa, Russia, Asia, the Middle East, the Digital World… and Cabarrus County.AStokkebyeOctober 15, 2011MT @JAMcArthur: Do you know a hero in Charlotte? Submit a photo to @silentimages project: My Silent Hero. http://mysilenthero.org #TEDxCLTmamakoidOctober 15, 2011RT @TEDxCharlotte: Celebrate the heros that make our community awesome. #tedxclt @SilentImages_marlenealexisOctober 15, 2011“to take away a person’s dream is to take away their soul” — #tedxclt_marlenealexisOctober 15, 2011Yay space!! #NASA #TEDxCLT #TEDxNASAAStokkebyeOctober 15, 2011Personal flight with Dr. Mark Moore of #NASA…geek time (in a good way) #tedxclt #startrek reference alreadysarahadaOctober 15, 2011Dr Mark Moore of @NASA is on stage @ #TEDxCLT! SPACE SQUEEEE!! #NASATweetup fam, look!!! http://t.co/feMuDTaVDbirdyOctober 15, 201199% of the things you do on a frontier are going to fail. But it’s that 1% that counts. #tedxcltTEDxCharlotteOctober 15, 2011Dr. More from NASA speaking about the frontier of personal flight. Hey, Dr.More, what abt public flight? Travel options 4 everyone! #TEDxCLTmamakoidOctober 15, 2011If you look into the past, technology did the same shift as we are going through now. #tedxcltTEDxCharlotteOctober 15, 2011NASA dude just called trains “devil wagons” (an historic reference to locomotives) #boo #tedxcltmamakoidOctober 15, 2011Mobility transportation truth: no matter how much you make, people are willing to travel 1hr 15 mins. #tedxcltmamakoidOctober 15, 2011Hey Dr. Moore, the problem w/autonomous vehicles on ground or in air: congestion! 1 auto=5 ppl, 1 bus = 40+ ppl 1 train = 233 ppl #tedxcltmamakoidOctober 15, 2011NASA man talking about … Jet Packs?! #TEDxClt http://t.co/poKKQtZ3CBJgreennewsOctober 15, 2011Autonomous cars are coming. Don’t know if I should be happy about that! #tedxcltljwalterOctober 15, 2011Autonomous vehicles with passenger just for safety? #Google On our way to unmanned Aerial Vehicles @TEDxCharlotte #tedxcltLilSaintDeeOctober 15, 2011RT @TEDxCharlotte: Exploring a new frontier + taking risks now to make dreams real. -Dr. Moore. #tedxclt_marlenealexisOctober 15, 2011NASA dude is leaving out a really interesting choice from his speech (ahem.. PUBLIC #TRANSIT !! Trains, buses, high speed rail #tedxcltmamakoidOctober 15, 2011“Dreams require risk” – Mark Moore #tedxclt #tedxcltbrain_marlenealexisOctober 15, 2011Any DC Comics fans at #TEDxCLT? Unmanned personal flying vehicles sound like Booster Gold’s sidekick, Skeets.WCookseyOctober 15, 2011Artist Susan Harbage Page taking the stage! Take a look at the photos on her site http://t.co/ryJrYOQ0 #tedxcltTEDxCharlotteOctober 15, 2011Susan Harbage Page talking about her photography. Documentation of what’s left behind on the US/Mexico border #tedxcltmamakoidOctober 15, 2011When stopped by boarder police, she pulls out her faculty ID and camera and says, “you don’t want any bad press, do you?”-Page #tedxcltTEDxCharlotteOctober 15, 2011Susan takes photos of found items: eye shadow, hairbrush, a saint card, inter tubes, wallets, tooth brush. What would you bring?? #tedxcltTEDxCharlotteOctober 15, 2011Now a no-man’s-land, the Rio Grande might once have been a place, like other rivers, of frivolity. -SH Page #TEDxCLTJAMcArthurOctober 15, 2011RT @ljwalter: Swimming trophys for those crossing the rio grande – awesome! Susan harbage page #tedxcltsamybergOctober 15, 2011What risks will you take to fulfill your dreams? #tedxcltmamakoidOctober 15, 2011RT @TEDxCharlotte: …Nothing can compare to hurt inflicted by people on other people (Poetry reading excerpt by@kirsten_kaleo) #tedxcltkirsten_kaleoOctober 15, 2011OH: I feel inspired! #tedxcltsamybergOctober 15, 2011When we are apathetic, we are ratifying the misfortune of others -Tran #tedxcltmamakoidOctober 15, 2011We’re more connected to each other than our teachers ever taught us. – @ntranloan #tedxcltTEDxCharlotteOctober 15, 2011Care for others as you care for yourself, and others will care for you -Tran #tedxcltmamakoidOctober 15, 2011We live in a society that refuses to be proactive, but is instead reactive. – @ntranloan #tedxcltTEDxCharlotteOctober 15, 2011Go out there and do something.. Do it for me -Tran #tedxcltmamakoidOctober 15, 2011Last speaker: Manny Ohnome Samaritan’s Feet. #tedxcltmamakoidOctober 15, 2011http://t.co/M7SE4xsq http://t.co/hFV5kKzc founder on stage at #tedxclt talking abt lives saved by #shoesTamelaRichOctober 15, 2011The greatest hazard is when we choose no risk at all -Ohnome #tedxcltmamakoidOctober 15, 2011“When the ODDS are ONE in a MILLION, be that ONE” -Ohnome #tedxcltmamakoidOctober 15, 2011“I saw a need. I lived a need. I can do something about that need.” – Manny Ohnome #TEDxCLTJAMcArthurOctober 15, 2011Not to be served, but to served. RT @JAMcArthur: “I saw a need. I lived a need. I can do something about that need.” Manny Ohnome #TEDxCLTQueensDianaOctober 15, 2011Do something. Find a need in your community; don’t wait for someone else to do it. #tedxcltmamakoidOctober 15, 2011#TEDxCLT – Great Day, moving stories and people making a difference….jnealeOctober 15, 2011RT @RightIndustries: #tedxclt was very inspiring today. very glad I was able to attend.samybergOctober 16, 2011@TEDxCharlotte conf. re-centered me around ways I want to make a difference. The passion in the room was contagious. #tedxclt #tedxcltbrainelements2leadOctober 16, 2011Many thanks to the #TEDxCLT speakers, organizers, volunteers, & interns and to @QueensUniv for hosting @TEDxCharlotte!WCookseyOctober 15, 2011#tedxclt rocked!ljwalterOctober 15, 2011Loved it. The end. Thank you @tedxclt! See you next year! #tedxcltocomflyOctober 15, 2011


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