Gallery 23 Aug

Arbor, structure and plantings at the United States Botanic Garden (Washington, DC)

I’ve always said, if I hadn’t fallen into transit planning (or if I were ever to go back to school to start a new career), I’d be a landscape architect. Not to insult landscape architects with my love of gardening and shallow expectations that I could even dream of someday pursuing such a career, but I have to admit… it would be pretty cool.

Now, I know the fact that the word ‘architect,’ when used in conjunction with the word ‘landscape’ will make most architects shudder in disgust. However, I have always been particularly fond of how a landscape architect can use something beautiful, natural and living to transform a space. I admire the way a landscape architect can marry a variety of species with the earth or with a man-made structure to create a sense of place. I love that the end product is the perfect balance of art, design, planning, and architecture. That an urban space can be softened, brightened, or colored by something as simple as a plant undergoing photosynthesis.

What do you see when you view structures like these in public spaces?


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